orn and raised in Logansport Indiana, inspired by the drama of the Wabash/Eel Rivers and
beauty of the rural setting, Robert T. Kesser showed early signs of creativity, and passion
for photography and technology.  His very first camera was a Kodak Brownie he borrowed
from his sister. For over the past 40 years he has experienced the enjoyment of taking that
special shot.

Robert is as diverse in his career as he is in his art.  His training comes from the New York
Institute of Photography which was established in 1910 in the US , and is the world's oldest
and largest photography school. Robert is also a business major and has worked  for a
fortune 30 company in the health care industry, his travels have taken him around the world
for both business and for pleasure,  always having his camera with him.

His unique ability to project his life experiences through “Photo Art” draws the viewer to
empathize as they relate to the images on a very personal level.

The choice of subject matter is as precise a science as it is a reflection of Robert’s life as a
son, veteran of the Vietnam War, father, business man, technical genius, and
photographer.  He has been described by his colleagues as a true “Renaissance Man”.
Robert T. Kesser
Professional Photographer

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266